Wish #1107

This little guy just turned 7 years old over the summer, and his favourite school subject is Science, while his favourite movie is Lego Batman.  He’s a cheerful and happy little guy, who loves to play with cars, building things with his dad, having his friends over, and playing video games.  He’s been diagnosed with Goldenhar Syndrome, and has had numerous surgeries, including an invasive spinal surgery.  His needs are extremely complex and he travels to Montreal to have his surgeries (where they consult with surgeons in Boston), as the Stollery is unable to work on him.  His most recent surgery was unsuccessful and the range of motion in his neck is now worse than before.  He will be having an additional surgery at some point next year.  He also has hearing issues, and requires an aide at school who provides supervision for his physical safety (to make sure he isn’t bumped or knocked down).  Since he loves Superheroes, and most of the Disney characters, there’s no doubt he’s going to have a magical time on his wish trip to Disney World!