Wish #1099

Some kids are just cool. Like this 16 year old boy – he likes Johnny Cash, plays guitar, sings in the boys’ choir, and loves to be outdoors quadding or snowmobiling. He’s very talented at working with computers and mechanical things – and even inventing some. He really loves to draw, and does these activities to help him manage his severe Tourette’s Syndrome.  He has severe vocal ticks, and mild physical ticks, has OCD, and is very sensory reactive (the louder or more distracting a situation is, the worse his symptoms are).  He volunteers his time with a few of the local groups around him, and recently received an award for having a compassionate heart. His wish, for a backyard portable mini-cabin that he can use as his own personal retreat, is going to be life‑changing for him. We can’t wait for him to be able to retreat there when the outside world becomes too loud; and enjoy all his favourite activities in it, away from the noise and stress that aggravates his condition.