Wish #1096

We all know that most kids love pets – they bring such joy and companionship; often when kids are feeling down, a pet can be their best friend.  For this 10 year old guy, who’s been diagnosed with global delays, reactive attachment disorder, failure to thrive, asthma, aspiration, and optic nerve dysplasia.  He doesn’t speak, doesn’t move around on his own, eats through a G-tube, is blind, and requires constant care and attention. He suffers from life-threatening respiratory distress from recurring pneumonias, and is frequently hospitalized.  With all that going on, he loves anything sensory – feeling the sun on his face or the breeze in his hair (he loves to sit in front of a fan!), listening to his family or to music, being around the kids playing at the playground, and being driven around in mom’s car.  All of that sounds like great fun – and won’t it be even more so when he’s joined by his brand new friend – a new wish puppy?