Wish #1089

17 years old is when most of us are at our most active. This guy certainly is – he plays trombone in the school band, sings tenor in the choir, plays wheelchair basketball, and is even being scouted by the Paralympics as a track and field athlete! He and some of his siblings even entered a triathlon last year – and he loved it! He was born with Spina Bifida: Lumbosacral Myelomeningocele; which is a defect in his backbone wherein he has lost function below the level of his Myelomeningocele. He is affected from the waist down, and has the associated problems with his mobility, bowel, and bladder functions. He uses a walker, forearm crutches, or a wheelchair to get around, based on what he’s doing. He’s very mature and charming, and we know he’s going to succeed at whatever he sets his sights on. We can’t wait for him to receive his new wish hand bike, which will allow him to continue participating in all the triathlons he can handle!