Giving the gift of hope by granting wishes for children in Alberta diagnosed with a severe chronic or life-threatening medical illness.

The Rainbow Society of Alberta believes in the power of community.  All funds raised are used to grant wishes for children right here in Alberta.  Along with children who have life-threatening conditions, we also grant wishes for children who have severe chronic medical illnesses.  A child who is asking for a wish may have spent over half of the last year, or even half their lives, in the hospital.  They have undergone medical procedures that would make grown adults weary. Their families have been by their side through it all, and are anxious and worried.  A wish can give them hope.  It can give them strength.  It can let them know their community is doing what we can to help them get better.

In 2018, our administration costs accounted for only 5% of our total expenses for the year.

Wishes Granted!

Gavin’s Wish

At only 12 year's old, Gavin has been through years of medical procedures and testing.  Last year he was diagnosed with autoimmune encephalitis, caused by an antiGAD65 antibody.  His disease is degenerative, and treatments are very difficult.  His happy space is in...

Ben’s Wish

Ben turned 7 years old over the summer.  He’s a cheerful and happy little guy, who loves to play with cars, build things with his dad, have his friends over, and video games.  Diagnosed with Goldenhar Syndrome, Ben has had numerous surgeries, including an invasive...

Silas’ Wish

Silas is a spunky little boy who turned five shortly after returning home from his wish trip to Disney World.  Born with a host of medical issues, Silas has overcome many obstacles and medical traumas and continues to greet each day with a smile and unbridled...

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Partners in Hope

Community support is what makes wishes happen. These donors have made major contributions to help grant life-changing wishes for children who are going through our Wish Granting Program. We are truly grateful to them.