The Rainbow Society of Alberta grants wishes throughout the province to children who have been diagnosed with a life-threatening or severe chronic medical illness.


Volunteers are urgently needed in Calgary for our Women Fore Wishes Golf Classic on Thurs. Aug. 25! No experience required, just a willingness to help make wishes come true.  If you’re able to help, please call Sharon at 403-252-3891 or email

The Rainbow Society of Alberta believes in the power of community.  We are different from other international wish granting groups in that your donations are only used to grant wishes for sick children right here in Alberta.  Along with children who have a life-threatening condition, we also grant wishes for children who have a severe chronic medical illness.  A child who is asking for a wish may have spent over half of the last year, or even half their lives, in the hospital.  They have undergone medical procedures that would make grown adults weary. Their families have been by their side through it all, and are anxious and worried.  A wish can give them hope.  It can give them strength.  It can let them know their community is doing what we can to help them get better.

Wishes Granted!

Clark’s Wish

                     Clark is, quite simply, one amazing little guy. He charms all of us when he visits, and leaves us wishing he’d be around a whole lot more! His mom wrote us this letter after his wish came true, and we’d like to share it with you....

Courtland’s Wish

Courtland. He’s just one of those kids you need to meet for yourself. He lights up a room just by walking into it, and then he gets started talking, and you’re swept away! Diagnosed with Bilateral Dsykinetic Cerebral Palsy, Level III, he has an ataxic...

Caelum`s Wish

Caelum is a 5 year old boy who was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy as a baby, and also has significant global, fine, and gross motor delays. He relies on a wheelchair or walker to get around. Caelum loves music, lights, and movement, including going through tubes,...

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Partners in Hope

Support from our community is what makes wishes happen. These donors have made major contributions to help grant wishes, and those wishes will change lives for sick Albertan children. We are truly grateful for their support.