Giving the gift of hope by granting wishes for children in Alberta diagnosed with a severe chronic or life-threatening medical illness.

The Rainbow Society of Alberta believes in the power of community.  All funds raised are used to grant wishes for children right here in Alberta.  Along with children who have life-threatening conditions, we also grant wishes for children who have severe chronic medical illnesses.  A child who is asking for a wish may have spent over half of the last year, or even half their lives, in the hospital.  They have undergone medical procedures that would make grown adults weary. Their families have been by their side through it all, and are anxious and worried.  A wish can give them hope.  It can give them strength.  It can let them know their community is doing what we can to help them get better.

In 2018, our administration costs accounted for only 5% of our total expenses for the year.

Wishes Granted!

Noah, Sydney, and Ty’s Wish

While not common, we occasionally meet siblings who all qualify to receive a special wish.  This was exactly the case with Noah, Sydney, and Ty.  Each child was born with, and has been diagnosed with, a genetic condition called Fragile X Syndrome.  This Syndrome can...

Jana’s Wish

Jana loves nature, playing guitar, watching videos on YouTube, and collecting stuffed animals (her personal goal is to have a stuffy of every animal in the world).  But the thing she loves the most is watching hockey.  She loves P.K. Subban, so it should come as no...

Caitlyn’s Wish

Caitlyn loves making crafts and all forms of water play, and greatly enjoys her weekly therapeutic riding lessons.  She was born with Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy.  Caitlyn has difficulty speaking, and normally uses a picture book to help her communicate.  She had no...

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Partners in Hope

Community support is what makes wishes happen. These donors have made major contributions to help grant life-changing wishes for children who are going through our Wish Granting Program. We are truly grateful to them.